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Garden Lighting

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With the flowers starting to bloom you may start to look to your garden and think “this is the year I’m gonna get it sorted”.

One of the easiest ways to transform your garden is with lighting. Whether it’s lighting the path to your summer house, showing off your garden, illuminating your pond or entertaining family and friends here at BAWN have got you covered. With over 19 years of design experience, we know how to make your garden glow.

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Lighting the way

Lighting up a pathway or steps is easily done by using low level bollards or LED brick lights will illuminate trip hazards, show of your garden shrubs or simply light your way to your door. Low level bollards are designed to direct light downwards and strategically placed brick

lights over steps can illuminate 2 or 3 steps. PIR sensors with an override switch can be fitted to the circuit which can not only will save you money but will add to you outside security as well.

Horley Electrician Surrey

Adding lights to your water feature or pond is a great way to finish the look. By adding submergible lights to your pond and spiked spot lights hidden from view throughout your rockery will really bring the whole area to life. Why not consider colour changing lights to reflect your mood?

Lazy summer nights

Lighting your patio or decking area is a must for entertaining during those long summer nights. Soft lighting throughout your decking and decorative wall or hanging lights will create such an atmosphere your guests won’t want to leave. Don’t forget to add lights to your BBQ area for those late night feasts.

Electricain Horley Surrey

Another area to consider lighting up is trees and bushes. This can be done with spot lights placed behind trees and angled upwards to avoid glare or my simply adding fairy lights to create magical feel to your garden.

With the right kind of lighting, your garden will become the extra room of your home. Here at BAWN we look forward to making this happen for you.

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