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How to Find an Electrician

Electrician Horley Surrey

What would you do if you switched your light on and FLASH? Chances are a bulb has blown, you replace it, switch your RCD back on in your fuseboard and all is well. But what do you do if trips in front of you again and again and again? You decide you need to find an Electrician. So where do you go to find one you can trust?

Word of Mouth

It’s always worth asking family and friends if they have a reliable Electrician. Failing that, ask for a number of a tradesman that they do trust as they will probably have a number of an Electrician that they have worked with and willing to pass a number over. If they are willing to pass a number over then it’s worth taking the number.

Internet Search

All the main search engines will allow a business to claim a free small advertising link so that a business can appear on a local map. This added to online presence of a company will help them to appear higher up the list of search results. The higher up they are the easier it is to find them. How often do you go onto page 2 of search results? Normally positions 1-3 are paid adverts (buying Ad Words) so they appear at the top of the page and then every time to click on the link it costs the company or tradesman more money and doesn’t always mean they are local. Next comes the ‘review’, ‘pitch a job’ and directory sites and then after that will be the Electrician’s own website.

Review Sites

There are many review sites for you to use. They are giant databases full of Electricians and other trades that pay a fee (normally annually) to be added. Most will check the tradesman out before adding them. They will verify company information, if they are members of a trade association, what insurance they have and obtain references. They are based on reviews of customers (spot checked to make sure they are real) which gives each company a rating. You can search for an Electrician local to you, see examples of their work, what their customers think of them and contact details. Some will even allow you to message an Electrician for them to call you. Here at BAWN we decided to join Checkatrade and you can see our rating here.

Electrician Horley Surrey

Pitch Your Job

These websites will ask you to put in your details and job requirement in their database and then match your job requirements to tradesman. If the tradesman is interested in your job they will pay a small fee to get further details and you go from there. These website will also work on a reviews as well so you can see what previous customers think of their work.

There is no escaping the power of social media! We use it everyday and although many businesses that have a product to sell use it, it is under used within the trades. An Electrician that is making an effort to keep their social media presence going, whether they are doing it themselves like here at BAWN or paying a media company is worth checking out. It proves that there is someone behind the website or listing. Checkout local facebook groups as most have a directory of tradesmans too.


Remember the big yellow book and the big blueish book that use to get delivered to your door every six months, listing lots of tradesman and companies advertising their business?You would flick through to ‘E’ to find an Electrician and you would randomly call a number without knowing anything about them. Well, they now do most of their business online. However, as they are still mainly based on paid advertising. Meaning that a company will pay to be at the top of the list and buy search words such as ‘Electrician’ ‘rewire’ ‘garden lighting’ etc through ‘pay per click’ so that they can be found within the database which doesn’t always mean that the Electrician first on the list is local. Although they have a star rating review system it isn’t always used as many listings on these websites are free and not alway kept up to date if it isn’t the tradesmans main source of advertising.

Although the above is not exclusive and there are other ways to find an Electrician, you want have the peace of mind that you have found someone you can trust. Here at BAWN we are always happy to help. Click here to book a free no obligation quote.

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