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Bawn Electrical are now a ECA Member

Bawn Electrical are now proud members of the ECA

Exciting news here at BAWN Electrical. We are pleased to announce that we have become proud members of the ECA. By joining the ECA we now have shown our commitment to achieving the highest Industry Standards when it comes to electrical installations whether small or large.

The ECA is the UK’s leading trade association that represents and supports the interests of businesses and organisations involved in all aspects of electrical engineering and electrotechnical design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and monitoring across the United Kingdom (excluding Scotland). Since its formation in 1901 The ECA has been a driving force in the electrical engineering and building services industry.

How we became a member?

We decided to join the ECA after having a run-in with a ‘Cowboy Builder’ when he tried to get us into trouble with the ECA for a certificate that had been issued by a third party contractor. After speaking with the ECA it became very clear that he was just trying to make trouble for us and that we had done nothing wrong. But speaking with an adviser it became clear that we should join the ECA and through our membership with the NICEIC we fast-tracked our membership.

By joining the ECA we now have over a hundred years of expert help and advice making us stronger and giving us the confidence to grow our business. Naturally, after our experience we needed a confidence boost and now we know that we have the backup to prove what we already knew deep down - that we can do it!

We already work to high standards and always did our best to when it came to our customers needs. Belonging to the NICEIC with our annual inspections to maintain our membership and renewing our membership with Checkatrade and Surrey Trading Standards so our customers ‘old and new’ had reliable vetted customer reviews went a long way to proving to our customers that we are here to stay and that we work hard to maintain our reputation. Especially when it comes to our ‘100% charged per quote’ rating - This is something that we are very proud of!

Now we have the backing of the ECA our customers can be sure that we are continually committing to providing the highest quality of workmanship and that all work is backed by the ECA’s ‘Guarantee of Work Scheme’ and the ECA’s ‘Bond’. With BAWN Electrical being a member of the ECA we now have even more access to information and resources to help us provide an even better service to our customers. We recently celebrated our 7th business anniversary and we are now looking forward to many, many more.

Check out website at or get in touch here for a free no obligation quote for your next electrical need.

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